Alykhan Tejani

Alykhan Tejani

Hi! My name is Aly. I am currently a Research Engineer at Twitter. Previously at Blippar and Goldman Sachs. Imperial College alumnus. Check out the about page for more information.

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HTML5 has been gaining a lot of attention since Steve Jobs' 'Thoughts On Flash'. Even though its not fully complete/supported by all browsers, I've been meaning to check out some of the features for a while. I finally got round to playing with canvas, which is supported in most major browsers.

I decided to implement some path finding algorithms to show the shortest path to a goal given a maze of obstacles in the way. Below is a video of it in action:

The demonstration without obstacles really shows how A* with a good heuristic (this one uses the straight line distance from the cell to the goal cell) can drastically cut down the search space. If you have a supported browser you can try it out below:

Click a square on the grid to choose a starting point.